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  • Saicos Bel Air Special Wood Color

    Extremely resistant to weathering and mechanical damage (scratches).
    The perfect stain for all exterior and interior wood. Solvent-free and moisture-regulating.

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  • Saicos End Grain Sealing Wax

    Protects front edges and cutting edges against cracking and moisture and is highly water-repellent. Free of aromatic products, linseed oil and citrus terpenes.

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  • Saicos Premium Decking Oil H20

    Looking for the perfect protection for your wooden decking? Then we have just the right product for you: our innovative SAICOS Decking Oil H2O! It emphasizes the natural beauty of the wood, is easy to use and protects against the weather in the long term.
    In addition SAICOS Decking Oil H2O scores with its short drying time and the integrated slip resistance R9.


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    Highly effecient Power-Gel for cleaning and refreshing of discoloured and worn down wood surfaces. Suitable for all kinds of wood.

    Especially recommended for vertical surfaces such as fences or sight protection (e.g. balconies) etc.

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    Additive Anti-Slip R10 for Saicos H20 Decking. The final coating achieves the certified anti-slip property R10.

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    SAICOS Wood Brightener is a highly effective special product for cleaning and and refreshing of greyed, worn down exterior wood surfaces. The original colour shade of the wood will appear again. Will not harm the healthy wood.

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  • Saicos Premium UV Protective Wood Finish Clear

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  • Saicos Premium Decking Oil

    Premium protection for wood decks and garden furniture. Anti-blocking properties and open-pored.Coverage:

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  • Saicos North America Catalog

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