About Saicos The Company

Professional wood treatment – naturally with SAICOS

Company details:

SAICOS COLOUR GmbH was founded in 2002 in the heart of Westphalia, at Sassenberg in Germany. SAICOS was established by professional chemists and engineers with rich experience in the development and application of coating systems and who are highly regarded in the timber and professional wood treatment business.  They have devoted themselves to enhancing the beauty, protecting and preserving wood and wood materials, while always being careful to consider the effects of manufacture and product usage on the environment.  For that reason, all of our products are eco-friendly, safe for humans and pets and offer a simple and economic solution.

Tradition.  Values.  Innovation.  Flexibility.  These are the cornerstones of our successful and rapidly expanding company.

Our customer base includes companies from the industrial, timber, wood finishing and processing sectors as well as tradesmen. Amongst our customers we have internationally well-known companies in over 40 countries around the world.  Our customers desire the highest quality products and have found them with SAICOS.