About Saicos The Product


Quality is in demand everywhere!  Wood is an excellent material with many advantages: it is natural, beautiful and can be used in so many different ways.

We at SAICOS develop, research and produce our products using all of our technical and practical know-how in order to protect, beautify and improve wood to be as durable and ecologically sound as possible.

Our innovative product line includes finishes, coating systems and processing equipment for all types of wood, wood materials and types of applications and is based on natural vegetable oils and waxes.

SAICOS products are used by demanding tradespeople and end consumers as well as well-known industrial companies around the world. Our products are available only through our retail partners.

We are never satisfied with our achievements, but always strive to improve our products to achieve the highest quality and ensure proper environmental compatibility and efficient processing.

The latest scientific findings and procedural innovations are used to produce our finishes and coatings for indoor and outdoor use.

In our in-house laboratories, experienced chemists and application engineers research and develop products with exceptional productivity and excellent application properties using the finest raw materials based on natural oils and waxes such as safflower oil and carnauba wax.


Saicos finishes contain an unusually high amount of pigments and oils and therefore have a much better coverage than conventional finishes. The result: With just one tin of Saicos you can achieve near to double the square meter coverage of an ordinary finishing system, and with fewer coats required, the time you need to apply Saicos is massively reduced, saving you time and money.


Forget about time consuming sanding. Saicos natural wood finishes can be easily renovated at any time without the need for sanding. It may not even be necessary to re-finish the entire surface but simply touch up damaged or faded areas. Conventional lacquers require sanding back to bare wood to re-coat, which reduces the thickness of the timber with each maintenance. This is especially problematic with timber floors which may only have 5-6mm of timber above the tongue and groove. 


Wood is a natural material and the cell structure, similar to our skin, can take on and release moisture; it breathes. To ensure that this exchange is not prevented we have created finishes especially suited to the nature of wood. Saicos wood finishes are based on oils and waxes. The oil penetrates into the wood surface, protecting the wood from deep within. The waxes form an elastic, microprorous surface which protects the wood from external moisture and abrasion. The wood remains naturally beautiful, protected and durable.